A24 Film Festival


1. Event Branding + Promo Materials
2. Mobile App Design
3. Social Media
A film festival that seeks to bring the community together in appreciation of cinema, showcasing new and thought-provoking films produced by A24.

The Place to Be

The A24 Film Festival is an amazing annual event that brings people of diverse cultures together to celebrate the art of cinema. By showcasing independent films that challenge our perspectives and inspire conversation, this festival aims to foster better communication and understanding. With a focus on creating an enriching and thought-provoking experience, the festival creates a platform to discuss and debate some of the most exciting new films produced by A24.

Swiss Design Meets Cinema

I was assigned to create a flexible design system that could be used across different branding touchpoints for a conceptual project. I aimed to appeal to three types of consumers: those who have no prior knowledge about cinema, art enthusiasts, and passionate cinephiles. The design system I created for this film festival is heavily influenced by Swiss design style, which emphasizes elegance and simplicity. Through the use of grid structured layouts, the design system highlights the beauty of the films and creates a seamless experience for the audience.

The Power of Still Frames & The Moving Image

Imagine a cinematic experience that leaves you in awe, eagerly anticipating the next scene. That's exactly the feeling I aimed to create in the promotional materials for this event. By carefully selecting still frames and scenes from the films, I strategically built up excitement and anticipation for the event. Each image conveyed a powerful emotion of awe, drawing in the audience and leaving them wanting more. The result was a truly captivating and unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Omar Ojeda-Islas 

is a Chicago-based graphic designer with a love for identity systems, good typography and storytelling. He is currently a designer practicing with the fine folks at Anchor 6:19, a creative studio based in Henrico, Virginia.



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Omar Ojeda-Islas