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Visual Identity

1. Visual Identity
2. Naming + Copywriting
3. Web Design Conception (View Live Site)
4. Social Media

Healthcare On Your Time.

Meet Ohla Med, an online healthcare and prescription provider. Anywhere, anytime access to quality healthcare is an increasing preference and Ohla is focused on becoming the go-to provider.

Anchor was retained to create a visual identity for Ohla Med, including naming, copywriting, visuals and messaging.

Your Portal To Healthcare

Quality healthcare at your service, on your schedule, available wherever you go, accessible at your call? Ohla offers to be your very own on-demand portal to healthcare. Musing on portals, we designed the visual identity for Ohla’s portal by inverting the key components of their logo, taking a heart cut-out and adding lifestyle imagery of human hands reaching through the portal, holding something health-related.

Psychology Of The Brand
Through Colors

Ohla’s purpose meant to help and heal. We carried that level of care into the color palette, curated to promote feelings of comfort, ease, and tranquility. The colors are intentionally organized throughout the touchpoints so users absorb all the peaceful vibes.

A Job Well Done

We took extra care to ensure the new visual design system would look equally amazing across every Ohla brand presence: website pages, apps, signage and social media.

Omar Ojeda-Islas 

is a Chicago-based graphic designer with a love for identity systems, good typography and storytelling. He is currently a designer practicing with the fine folks at Anchor 6:19, a creative studio based in Henrico, Virginia.



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