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Talent Activated is a multi-industry staffing agency that connects highly motivated and qualified individuals with clients to staff their festivals, conventions, promotions, and events.

Designing for Impact

With the foundations set, I developed a system that represents Talent Activated's core values, professional, approachable, fun, dynamic, and enables them to attract highly motivated and qualified individuals for their clients' events.

A Fresh Look

The refreshed logo pays homage to Talent Activated's current logo by incorporating its signature slanted type for “Activated”. In my design process, I sought to inform the logo with a timeless and contemporary feel by replacing the previous sans-serif typeface with one that exudes both longevity and modernity.

Setting the Brand Apart

The brand's visual design incorporates curved-edge containers, which not only differentiates it from its competitors but also serves as an extension of its logotype. By strategically placing these containers, the brand draws attention to the crucial text and person-centric photography, highlighting its commitment to dynamic collaboration. The design elements work together harmoniously to create a unified and memorable brand identity that is sure to resonate with its target audience.

Omar Ojeda-Islas 

is a Chicago-based graphic designer with a love for identity systems, good typography and storytelling. He is currently a designer practicing with the fine folks at Anchor 6:19, a creative studio based in Henrico, Virginia.



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